Lash & Brow Co. Supplies Glue has been tried and tested by numerous lash technicians and has come out as a favourite from many. With retention of up to 7 weeks, you can be assured you and your clients will be left happy.

15 products

15 products

Looking for extension glue for your salon or beauty business? If that’s a yes then look no further. Here you'll find the best lash glue that doesn’t compromise price or quality.

Made by professional lash technicians and a passionate industry founder, expect affordable pricing, high-quality material and exclusive discounts all in one wholesale program!

Aside from our eyelash adhesive, we also have a full range of lash and brow products such as lashes, tweezers and much more.

From salons to online commerce sites to beauty shops, we’ve been providing business with the best eyelash glue in the market.

Bulk buying the best eyelash extension glue by Lash & Brow Co. Supplies will get you high-grade lash adhesives that don’t dry as fast as other brands.This makes our lash extension glue easier to apply.

Our products are made for a range of businesses. That’s why our wholesale eyelash extension glue program is designed to provide bulk buy price savings.

So what’s our glue made of? Well, to be honest, we can’t tell you, it’s a trade secret. But one thing’s for sure, it’s the best in the market!

We’ve made the best lash glue with one big game-changing factor. Retention time. Normally, lash glue lasts for 4 weeks... if properly taken care of. Ours lasts much longer. With over 7 weeks before the adhesive starts weakening.

How many wholesale programs have you seen offer discounts at a “low” price of $400 per order? At Lash & Brow Co. Supplies, every +1 in your cart, gradually increases our margins.

Plus, every order above $150 gets you free standard shipping. For faster delivery, you can choose to add $250 worth of items to your cart for free express shipping nationwide.

The best lash extension glue also comes with attentive quality controls. All of our products are triple checked in order to ensure that your deliveries are always carefully delivered as promised.

Try the best eyelash glue in the market and make your customers even happier!