21 products

21 products

Looking for a trusted local RefectoCil supplier? We provide consistent quality delivery, competitively low prices and exclusive discounts with every bulk order!

Apart from RefectoCil, our shop also includes other accessories such as lash extensions, glues, tints and much more!

Purchasing from Lash & Brow Co. Supplies gives your brand the opportunity to provide high-grade beauty accessories that are both durable and easy to use.

Made by professional beauticians worldwide, our RefectoCil products are a testament to the hardships technicians face every day and the dedication to lessen it through bespoke lash and brow items.

Not only are our RefectoCil products made to please technicians, but also business owners! Buying from us gets you fairly priced products with local customer support.

Products include:

  • ✓ RefectoCil Lash Lift
  • ✓ RefectoCil Sensitive
  • ✓ RefectoCil Blonde Brow
  • ✓ RefectoCil Oxidant

Our other products & accessories:

  • ✓ Lash extensions
  • ✓ Brow Tools
  • ✓ Lash Glues
  • ✓ Tweezers
  • ✓ Tints & Removers
  • ✓ And much more

Every experienced lash technician knows the RefectoCil brand because of its quality products that cater specifically to beauticians worldwide.

Here, we’ll explain the different types of RefectoCil products you can purchase at our shop.

The RefectoCil Sensitive Tinting Gel:

  • - The brand created a product that caters to people with sensitive skin. It comes in a range of colours from sensitive light brown to sensitive black.

The RefectoCil Oxidant:

  • - This gives brows brilliant colours that make them look youthful.

The RefectoCil Blonde Brow:

  • - Is perfect for those who have naturally blonde hair and want to keep their brows from greying out.

The RefectoCil Lash Lift:

  • - Uses a unique formula consisting of collagen and cysteine to essentially lift the lashes with ease. This usually takes 45-60 min, however the RefectoCil Lash Lift can do it in 13 minutes. It’s been published to have a world record for the fastest lash lifting!