Lash & Brow Co. Supplies was launched in 2019 after the two co-founders, Darren & Jacinta Heyne, saw a need for supplies at an affordable price without compromise to the quality of the product. 

We are a family run business, we own a beauty salon in Pakenham called 'Lash & Brow Co'. The salon has been running successfully for over 10 years and grown significantly in this time which saw Jacinta start out in a home salon and has expanded to a commercial salon then to Lash & Brow Co. Academy and now, Lash & Brow Co. Supplies.

We were buying from reputable suppliers which also came with the price tag, and often with the lack of customer service, especially with the order totals being quite high. We were often disappointed that we were, in turn, just a number. This is where the idea of Lash & Brow Co. Supplies started.

The Lash and Brow Co staff spent just over two years trialling products from many different supplies before finding the perfect products to start their line.  Jacinta is a lash technician with over 10 years’ experience and each and every product has been tried and tested by her, LBC team and along with many other trusted lash technicians.

Buying from Lash & Brow Co. Supplies you are supporting a business and a family. But you are also making an investment to your business with products you will be happy with and service that goes beyond. Jacinta is always willing to give advice and help with any techniques or tricks that she knows. 

If you have any questions, please, do not hesitate to ask.  We hope you love our products as much as we do and cant wait to have you as a part of the Lash & Brow Co. family! xo