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The perfect full-length mirror for your work space or home or even for the dressing rooms in your shop. Our mirror with three modes of LED lighting, allows you to see how you look in natural daylight, fluorescent office lighting, or the warm yellow lighting in your living room or a dimly lit restaurant. This energy-efficient mirror is light in weight, yet sturdy and durable. Adjust the brightness and colour temperature down and up with the touch of a button.

It adds an element of glamour wherever you put it. Not only that, but as a mirror, it also expands the visual perception of the room. In small homes or shops, it provides the illusion of more space as well as more light. Order yours today!

Power: 36W
Illuminated touch ON/OFF sensor switch with dimmer
Triple colour 6500K, 4800K and 3200K
Materials: Aluminium + glass + metal
Size: 1524 x 457 x 26.4mm

Photos are for illustrative purposes and product upgrades may occur to ensure quality of products.
Full factory 1 year warranty.

 Mirrors cannot be sent Express due to fragile nature.
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