Pre-Made Lashes

Lash & Brow Co. Supplies have created an extensive lash extension range that is available at affordable pricing. Located in Melbourne but Australia wide shipping is available.

5 products

5 products

Our brand doesn’t just make premade fan lash extensions, but everything a salon needs for their lash and brow services!

Lash & Brow Co. Supplies cares about you, your customers.. and the environment! All our products are produced with environmentally friendly practices and cruelty-free materials!

Looking for a more complete package? Apart from pre-made lashes, we also offer other lash styles such as classics, volumes, silks and a lot more.

For years, we have provided professionally made premade lash extensions to beauty businesses nationwide.

Ordering from us guarantees that every premade eyelash fans you receive looks natural while feeling stronger and more durable than other brands.

Being lash technicians ourselves, we understand the frustration other lash technicians experience when applying low quality premade fans.

That’s why we have designed our lashes in a way that’s not just enjoyed by customers, but also adored by those who apply them.

So how do we make excellent pre-made lashes? They’re carefully crafted by professional lash technicians using years of research and development.

Our premade eyelash fans are made from Korean PBT Material. Created by the country praised by their beauty standards, expect this material to look natural and have a beautifully glossy feel.

We also have lashes made from mink -- but without having to harm them! Our mink premade fans and eyelash extensions merely mimic mink’s fur in terms of softness and thinness.

All premade eyelash extensions ordered from our official website are triple checked before shipment to make sure that each delivery is issue free!

Try our wholesale program and get premade fans/eyelash extensions at exceptional quality and huge discounts!

Plus, we’ll give you free standard shipping with a minimum order of $150 and a quicker, free express shipping on orders above $250!