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If RefectoCil oxidative tint has been your Holy Grail for lashes & brows since your beauty education days, but your client is wanting more intense brow definition or reshaping, look no further than the new RefectoCil Intense Brow[n]s professional tinting system!  

This is a completely unique and innovative product that not only tints brows and lashes for up six weeks, but also achieves an intense and semi-permanent skin stain.

Core features: 

  • Certified Vegan and cruelty free
  • Patented lash and brow tinting system based on plant ingredients
  • Suitable for allergy prone and sensitive skin
  • For professional use only
  • Comes in four smudge and waterproof customisable shades of brown

The RefectoCil Intense Brow(n)s kit includes:

  • FREE RefectoCil White Brow Mapper - use this product to map out the brow shape you want to achieve! Valued at $12.65 
  • RefectoCil Intense Brow(n)s Primer (Strong) 15g - Use the Intensifying Primer for a more intense make up effect and longer lasting results. The RefectoCil Intense Brow[n]s Intensifying Primer prepares the skin for even tinting. 
  • RefectoCil Intense Brow(n)s 15ml Activator Gel 15g - contains Silver Nitrate that tints brows and lashes from deep within. When mixed with Base Gel Colour the stain will appear very dark, but this is not the final tinting result.
  • RefectoCil Intense Brow(n)s in Ash Brown 15g - For lighter and natural looking results. A cool and ashy shade of brown that suits neutral and cold colour types well. 
  • RefectoCil Intense Brow(n)s in Chocolate Brown 15g  - For natural brunette results. A medium brown shade with a slight warm undertone. Recommended for neutral or warm skin types. 
  • RefectoCil Intense Brow(n)s in Deep Brown 15g  - For dark brown results. A particularly dark shade of brown, for striking and eye catching looks. Especially recommended for gentle facial features and dark hair.
  • RefectoCil Intense Brow(n)s in Black Brown 15g  - For almost black and intense results. The almost black shade gives the face a strong frame. Harmonious with black hair or to create contrast brows. It is also the perfect shade to define the lashes.
  • RefectoCil Intense Brow(n)s Tint Remover 150ml - Remove any unwanted skin stains or correct the shape of the eyebrows with the RefectoCil Intense Brow[n]s Tint Remover. It can also be used to create a soft ombre effect. Thanks to the mild formula, it can be applied in the sensitive eye area without concern.
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